Eng HTC MW5.0 to JP/CN/KR/Thai or to any languages - the process

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All info are provided by Japalopers

Changing language on the PPC interface and Typing in language is two separete different process. Japalopers established following method to allow use Japanese language on WM5.0 english version.

Process 1 - Adding Japanese Local to WM5.0 (regional setting)
Method One
Use CE-Star for WM5.0
Japanese / Korean / Chinese / Thai local is added with current beta version. (2005 nov 13th)
- click "Enter Key" if the radio button didn't appear during the installation and couldn't go to next step

Method Two
Lets Japan for Japanesation
e-china for Japanese, Chinese (simp/trad). (encode only for Korean and Thai / need font)
(other local can be added with creating .nls file for the specific region)

You will need following 2 files to add local
- WindowsUseMyNls.exe
- wince.nls(modified version)
1 - Copy above 2 file to JasJar via PC (remove the "system attribute" to copy)
2 - Create UseMyNls.exe short cut in WindowsStartUp
3 - add following registry with PHM Registry Editor

above process will allow you to change the local to what ever region you want.

Process 2 - Typing JP lang
Method 1 - Use ATOK
CAB (from Atok)
Registory Editor
Happy Tapping Keyboard (by Kotetsu)
e-china or Lets Japan

1 - Create JP local (e-china or Lets Japan or other method)
2 - Install Pocketweak and soft reset
3 - Install ATOK CAB
4 - Use Pocketweak and change default IME from ATOK to Keyboard before soft reset(tick the box for keyboard)
5 - Use registory Editor to edit following key before soft reset
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\keyboard layout\Preload] @="e0010411" (e0010409 on default)
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\keyboard layout\Preload\1] @="e0010411" (e0010409 on default)
(update version of e-china / lets japan will do this registory process for you = you can skip this process if you are using e-china or lets japan)
6 - Then soft reset
7 - If it didn't work with above process, just open ATOK setting, Setting -> System, and close.
8 - Since the ATOK's keyboard is so small (not compativle for VGA), Happy Tapping Keyboard by Kotetsu will became usefull.
NOTE, - Sometimes the "default SIP" automatically set to 「英数」or others. If so, change default to "Keyboard" and then soft reset. otherwise you will have problem after it resetted.

If you've soft reseted already without setting the keyboard default to "Keyboard" you will need to follow following step to fix it.
MSG from Asukal about the error / problem Or hard-reset

Memo about ATOK by Asukal
Japanesation / CN / KR / Thai

Method 2 - Use other program
Mr Ghz is creating Japanese e-mailer and typing software for JP lang. will be updated later.

Other info - Typing Korean
using DioPen 6.0
Mr Kyunga

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